Fitness That Fits You


Certified Personal Trainer Brittany Noelle

Fitness That Fits You


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Fitness That Fits You with Personal Trainer, Brittany Noelle

Episode 03 – The CardioCast CoolDown – Certified Personal Trainer

Don’t be fooled by other people’s concepts of fitness, find your own definition! In a world saturated by Instagram models with six pack abs, it’s important to take a step back and build fitness goals that will actually help you live a healthier life. That’s the message of today’s guest, Brittany Noelle,  a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), with a degree in Physiological Science from UCLA. With almost a decade of experience in fitness, Brittany is passionate about helping people to become a stronger version of themselves. Setting realistic goals and measuring progressive improvement is an important part of how she works with each of her clients. In addition to being a personal trainer, her constant enthusiasm and desire to improve herself inspired her to compete as a bikini bodybuilder and win titles in both WBFF and Fitness America. There are no excuses; with Brittany you’ll learn how to adapt your fitness goals to your unique lifestyle.


  • Brittany talks about her journey and the reasons why she decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer.
  • What fitness means for Brittany and the misconceptions that pervade the industry.
  • The importance of finding your own definition of fitness.
  • How choosing realistic goals and measuring progressive change is key to your exercise plan.
  • Why stretching and recovery days are essential.
  • Brittany’s views on supplements; when to use them and when to get your nutrients from food.
  • Brittany recounts her experience on the TV game show “Ultimate Tag”.

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Fitness That Fits You with Personal Trainer Brittany Noelle


Doug Lotz  00:03

Hey everyone! This is Doug Lotz, active lifestyle enthusiastic armchair futurist and founder of CardioCast an audio guided fitness app where we help people get fit and stay fit by making studio quality fitness classes more accessible and affordable than ever, in delivering the best music and coaching possible. Anytime, anywhere. You’re listening to the CardioCast CoolDown Podcast, where we explore topics, the intersection of health, fitness and personal wellness, you’re ready? Let’s go. Welcome to the CardioCast CoolDown podcast where we explore topics of the intersection between health, fitness and personal wellness.  Today I’d like to welcome to the show Brittany Noelle, Brittany is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with almost 10 years of experience. She believes in “fitness the fits you.” Going beyond aesthetics and making fitness part of your lifestyle.  So, welcome to the show, Brittany, it’s so great to have you.


Brittany Noelle  00:59

Oh, I’m so happy to be here.


Doug Lotz  01:01

So I figured I just jump in, sort of right away and start with why I’m big fan of start with why idea. I mean, for those familiar, it is a shout out to Simon Sinek. He’s got a really famous TED talk out there, which I highly recommend you Google. But that’s kind of, so I don’t. But anyway, let’s start with your wife, Brittany. So let’s learn a little bit about what you do and why you do it.


Brittany Noelle  01:24

Yeah, I’m a personal trainer. I’ve been in the personal training space for almost 10 years now. And now I do mostly training in the virtual space. So I’ve been doing that for about a year now pre pandemic, I was lucky that I started it before it became kind of a trend. But I’ve always really loved working in the personal training space. Because I am an athlete, I was the track and field athlete starting from when I was in second grade. And with that came a lot of injuries and a lot of frustration related to not being able to move well or having just aches and pains. And so in college, I got really into weightlifting. And I also started to study a lot about the human body and ways to help myself feel better help other friends and family members that went through injuries to feel better. So really my why became helping as many people as possible not only feel better, and move better, but also to be able to just learn more about health and wellness and fitness and learn how to fit it into their lifestyles, because it’s such an important thing just for overall wellness. So I’m really just driven by the fact that I get to help people everyday as a living, it’s something that I’m passionate about, and that I do on the daily. So it makes my job really easy. And so those are kind of my major reasons why,


Doug Lotz  02:38

You know, it was cardio cast, it’s always great to see, you know, how your personally affecting people in a positive way. And that kind of like really drives you you know, it keeps you going with with seeing how the fitness that you’re, you know, sort of helping them with is positively affecting their lives, which Yeah, big part of the why behind what I’m doing what I’m doing. But over the years had a sort of up and down experience personally with with working out. I have tried to become a runner multiple times. And every single time it seems like I get injured, I finally have gotten gotten over the hurdle with that, by in the last few years of just like taking it slow and everything but like, you know, a big part of it for me is I just, you know, I definitely like working out is a big part of boosting confidence. And I know that’s something that I think I’ve seen in some of the things that I’ve written about or read about from what you have on your, your training site and everything. So to tell me about that, and maybe a little bit about, you know, what being fit what fitness means to you or to your clients. I know it must go right, of course beyond what you kind of see when you look in the mirror, right?


Brittany Noelle  03:44

Yeah, I love actually having this conversation with people because fitness is really so subjective, right? Like a lot of people have this idea of like, if you’re fit, you must be shredded and have a six pack or if you’re fit, you should be able to run like a mile in less than five minutes or run like a 10k or marathon or something like that. And I think that these all kind of come from misconceptions that we got growing up, like looking into fitness magazines, you just think oh fit must mean I’m shredded with the six pack, or with our physical fitness tests. I don’t know if you guys had to do them. But when you’re a kid, they’re like, hey, you’re fit. If you can run under like seven minutes, well people don’t realize is that those standards were kind of built off of people that were already athletic or in that certain wheelhouse. So to be fit doesn’t mean one thing, you really have to take it for what it means for you and based off of what your body likes. So you might be really just genetically set out to be a swimmer. So maybe for you your level of fitness so that you can do 10 laps in a pool. Whereas like I’m a crappy swimmer, like I’m just not built for that I’m built for running. So if you said that I wasn’t fit. If I did 10 laps in a pool, like I’d be like, well, I’m still fit, I can lift a lot and I can run really fast. So really kind of understanding what it means to you. For me personally, it is being strong, I really value having a lot of strength. So I want to be able to get into a gym, lift a lot deadlift, squat those functional patterns, because it’s important to me that if I need to pick up a friend or family member or my future kids, I can and I have the strength to do that. I live in earthquake country. So I have this irrational fear that there’s going to be an earthquake, and I’m gonna like fall through a building and need to pull myself up like in the movies, and I want to be able to do that. So strength is really important for me, as a former runner, I do appreciate running, but I was a sprinter. So like running a mile to me, just not that fun. And if I do run it for fun, I’m like, 12 minutes. Cool, great. Love it. So for me, it’s just more about being able to run when I feel like it and not feel bad. So that’s a level of fitness to me, like, Can I do cardio without feeling any aches or pains in my back and my hips and my knees? Can I lift a lot while also feeling good. And then every so often, I will challenge myself by doing something a little out of my comfort zone, like, we will get to eventually I will go to ultimate tags. So that’s definitely out of my, my comfort zone. Sometimes I will do a fitness competition. I used to do that back in my early 20s. So I think that for me, I’m always looking to kind of uplevel what that level of fitness looks like, for me personally, and to challenge myself in different ways. And that’s what I encourage other people to do, too is like, you know, try different things. See what you like, see what you’re good at, and what your body likes and reacts to


Doug Lotz  06:31

Yeah, yeah, for sure. So I, you know, I’m not a distance runner, by any stretch of the imagination. I I’m like, I was one of those kids back when they were doing the mile run and everything. I mean, it’s that, you know, that far when it comes to like, competitive running or anything, but like is it you know, it’s like a 12 year old, like, trying to get around the track like and I was kind of an overweight kid, it’s just worst freaking day ever. The physical event of the presidential fitness test or whatever it was, then there’s like the, the What’s that? Sit and reach, you know, the flexibility tests and everything.


Brittany Noelle  07:01

Oh, God. The worst. I was always like, doing it not gonna get presidential cuz I can’t go these stupid three inches or whatever it was


Doug Lotz  07:09

pull ups in the hang like, yeah, it was it was rough. Yeah, I was not the fittest kid growing up, but like, kind of overtime, just I guess I learned the tools, like how to go about doing it, like I just would get on the bike. And I would sort of work out for a bit or like, you know, ride for an hour and like, you know, ultimately got to the point where it wouldn’t feel bad and it felt good. And then I really want to do it and like and I felt confident doing it. So yeah, but it definitely took some some doing. And I feel fortunate that I was you know, personally able to kind of figure it out for myself, I feel like there’s a lot more resources out there now, you know, at least digitally to like, pre pandemic, of course, there are lots of great places you can go like, you know, clubs and things and hook up with people like more on a personal level. But like now, there’s so much out there to help people who are, you know, just trying to start out this journey for themselves. So I kind of want to get into that a little bit, you know, for a lot of folks who are now kind of, I guess, for lack of a better term, like reexamining what they’re doing every day, because their schedules have been changed so much. You know, they might be thinking about fitness for the first time and 2021 you know, New Year’s resolution coming up, right, of course. So people are starting to get into it. So I don’t know if you have any any tips advice, or like, you know, what would you say to the person who’s like, Alright, you know, what, this is the year for me? And like, what would you tell them to get started on that, on that trip on that journey,


Brittany Noelle  08:32

I would definitely say pick a realistic goal. The number one reason why people fail is because again, they are comparing what their fitness level is to other people that they see and not understanding that that person that a different stage of life. So if you are, you know, following your favorite fitness person, and you’re like, oh, man, this person goes to the gym seven days a week, and they’re ripped and like, I want to be like them understand that that person’s been on that like lifestyle journey, probably for 1015 years, like a long time. It wasn’t like they started off day one, doing seven days a week hard at the gym. So I think that that’s sometimes something that people get this false idea of what to start with. So I always say, Be realistic on that day one. So don’t come out the box being like I’m working out seven days a week, if you’re currently working out zero, start with I’m going to start working out one or two days a week. And then even with that, don’t start off being like I’m going to work out two hours my first day because you’re going to get sore, you’re going to get potentially injured, you’re going to be jaded and over it after two weeks of going to the gym instead. Right? Like everyone’s like I’m all the machines at the gym. I’m gonna like take that spin class. Yeah. And the next day, you’re like, all regrets. Like, I’ll go back next week. Start small like I would say, start with a 1520 minute routine just to again, get in it, get things warmed up, go back the next day, maybe try to do at an extra five minutes is your you’re going to be much better off doing these small incremental changes. opposed to being like January 4, we’re gonna hit the gym. And then I’m going to go on the keto diet, the Paleo diet, like imagine the shock of your body that you’ve literally been sitting eating sugar, and alcohol and all this stuff for a month, and then all of a sudden, you’re like, nope, no carbs, not doing that, like your body is going to hate you. So just week one, say, I’m going to start this week by cooking my meals, great start or by having dessert once today, instead of three times. Those are very realistic goals that you can start to do and just chunk it down week by week and to adding a new habit. And that’s really what I try to teach people is, how can we chunk down this goal into really achievable habits, so that we can build upon it each week. So the next year, when it’s January 1, you’re already at a good place, and you’re not like crap, I’ve got to lose 20 pounds that I put on during the holidays,


Doug Lotz  10:54

right? You’re adding to something it’s already a habit. Yeah, I’ve been there the yo yo effect of like, you know, I think a lot of the times he was trying to do the wrong thing for me. And you mentioned it earlier, like, I’ve even had, like, you know, the genetic test, tell me like you, you know, you’re like more of a power person than I like an endurance person, right? So I kind of so I love, like doing like sprint intervals and stuff like that, that’s like, if I’m going to do cardio, like it’s going to be hit or it’s going to be something that’s like, yeah, just more power output shorter amount of time. But if I’m out there trying to do like, I say, even a five mile run, that’s only because of like, now I air quotes run. But if I’m going over like a five mile run, yeah, like definite air quotes, you know, like that, I will be sore like, and I don’t know what it is, like, I’m sure there’s a lot of good recovery that I could be doing that maybe I’m not doing. And it’s, you know, anybody can, can get there. But I found like, that’s how I actually started running again in like, didn’t do it like I did an injury for you is like we, for cardiac cast, we had to, we were trying to create a run program that was dynamic and fun. And it was like engaging in shorter time periods. Because like, you know, like, people just starting out, they don’t need like, you know, they need something they can grasp on to the shorter and I just started doing general runs. And I found that if I was walking than jogging than running, and then walking again, like my body was like, way happier with life. Yeah,


Brittany Noelle  12:15

that’s like a great suggestion. And that’s what I’m saying too, about people being in different parts of their journey like for you, because now you’ve worked up to running like five miles to you is like, Okay, this is, you know, an easier day for me, or is like, I am a really fit person. Most people would say, but five miles to me, I’m like, never in my life. Well, I run five miles, three miles is the most that I ran, and I’m like, who I did three miles. So


Doug Lotz  12:39

that’s wild to me, like, You’re, you’re definitely You’re like a super fit person in here, like that be like, you know, hey, like, hey, three miles, that’s just good. I’m like, Oh, God, I feel better now like,


Brittany Noelle  12:50

three miles to me, I feel like I did three miles in less than an hour, I’m doing solid, like, the most I can wrap my mind around is like, I’ll run a mile and try not to stop. But again, that’s where it just goes to different levels of what feels good to you and your body. And I’m sure that if I actually committed to running and started with a mile and three miles and five miles five miles wouldn’t feel bad for me, it’s 100% a mental thing where I’m like,


Doug Lotz  13:14

if you built up to it, and you did the you know, you like take your time, but the same thing with anything else. So you just have to take your time and like not expect overnight results. And like, you know, just be a little bit patient with it.


Brittany Noelle  13:25

And some people like have that realistic, unrealistic goal of a time to like, you might say, Okay, I’m going to do five miles in, you know, an hour and a half or something like that. But to your point, sometimes it’s easier just to have you have the distance and then go, Okay, I’m going to walk, I’m going to run I’m going to jog, I’m going to do this in intervals, so that I can really see how my body feels doing this distance. And then the more that you do it, you’ll find yourself jogging more than you’re walking running more than you’re jogging, and it will happen incrementally instead of just expecting it to be like, Alright, one day I woke up and I can do this,


Doug Lotz  13:57

for me running was kind of like functional, like, I want to be able to go to point A and point B like say there’s an emergency and like, there’s no other way to get there. And like I had to get there quickly, like I want to be able to have locomotion, like physically to get from A to B and you mentioned earlier like functional, like, you know, just being able to like lift something or like you know, help somebody or whatever, like, so I do like, you know, bodyweight and stuff like that, to try to be like, functional with my fitness and that I find kind of motivating.


Brittany Noelle  14:22

No, that’s a really great point. Like I never even thought about that too. Like Yes, you should be able to run a certain amount of distance just in case you have to. Yeah, like what if you’re being chased or something you don’t want to Peter out like 20 seconds.


Doug Lotz  14:36

It’s like kind of weird, but like, yeah, that was like my original like, finally, like I feel to do this. Like Of course, you know, like, it’s certainly an impractical irrational thing somewhat at this point. But like, but, but uh, but you know, hey, we’re a zombie and complex like, you’re you’re ready. You’re gonna be like, they’re not catching me. I’m good. Yeah, yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah, I think the other thing and I’m still not good at this, but like, you know, valuing the opposite of working out, like the recovery part of working out is like something that I, I think has been, you know, maybe a little bit more talked about now. But like, I really didn’t focus on it early on. And maybe that was part of the reasons for some of the injuries. But I don’t know if there’s anything I can speak to you about that when it comes to, you know, giving your body the right things that it needs to be able to go back and do it again. I don’t know what you do you have any sort of tips that you coach to your clients or, you know, things you can recommend for somebody who’s just starting out and wants to make sure that they’re using their time when they’re not working out? Well,


Brittany Noelle  15:37

yeah, for sure. This is definitely a hard lesson that I needed to learn later on. And I wish I knew earlier in my track career. So foam rolling is like my number one thing, you got to foam roll every day, some people think, Oh, I’m just gonna foam roll when I’m sore, or when I’m hurt, or after my workout. And yeah, by then it’s honestly a little too late. If you just take that five minutes, 10 minutes a day to foam roll before you go out for your run, or to foam roll, when you come back, it will make such a difference just in your body feeling better. Stretching, again, is one of those things where people are like, Oh, you know, I’ll stretch when I will get back or, you know, I’m going to stretch before bed, it’s so much better just to get in the habit of doing those stretches before you head out for your run, doing some short stretches for about 1015 seconds. And then when you’re done doing the longer stretches like 30 seconds to a minute, it’s going to make such a huge difference. Also, I find, especially with women, people, they get into this habit of like I just need to do hit all the time, like I’m not validated to my fitness if I’m not able to do hit every single day. And the fact of the matter is your body’s not designed to do hit every single day, especially as females, we have different hormonal patterns that’s like sometimes we actually need to rest and your body will be better off by being like, I’m actually going to go for a low, just tempo run today and then do hit in three or four days, when I feel better, you’re going to get better results because your body actually needs that time. So really taking those cues and understanding. If you feel achy that day. If you feel tired that day, if you just kind of feel a little blog, when you start and everyone knows that blah, feeling like you start working out, you’re just like, Oh, this doesn’t feel correct. If you feel that like readjust, just regroup to something that you feel like you can get done. Because going through with that blog workout, you’re not going to get the results that you want. And you’re probably just going to put your body further in that rabbit hole of inflammation, or stress that it’s already feeling when you’re just better off being like nope, alright, this is gonna be a recovery day, we’re gonna do some stretching and mobility drills and foam rolling and hit it hard the next day.


Doug Lotz  17:38

Yeah, I mean, it can be tricky in a world where everything is like, you know, at least for some people. Yeah, and measuring stuff and being like, Did I hit my goal? Like, you know, did I do this thing, you know, especially now you got an apple watch or whatever. That’s like telling her Oh, get up and run right now. I think just finding a way to maybe build that stuff in that that’s more recovery oriented. I guess it sounds like his party. Well build it in the actual workout itself, for sure. But also, I think like alternating and in your plan, having a plan. I guess I don’t know that that’s


Brittany Noelle  18:10

always important. It’s always important. And yes, you need to program in it your recovery rest day, because that’s always the day that people tend to like skip. I feel like core day AB day and recovery day or the juice. leg day. You’re like alright, I’ll do chest for sure. I’ll get my back workout in. But we’ll do like plank next week. I’ll stretch next week, legs will be lunges, another time.


Doug Lotz  18:37

I’m the most I’m the least flexible person on earth. I swear. I just like I think it’s just Well, I mean, some of it is like you don’t you know, some people are more flexible than others. But I think it’s also like one of the things you actually kind of have to like, work at it to do it. And that’s another thing. It’s not like you can just like oh, because I’m not working hard. Like it’s doesn’t mean I don’t have to you know, put energy into it. But like stretching like intentionally becoming more flexible so that you can avoid injury has been I think a challenge of mine at least


Brittany Noelle  19:02

definitely. You’re not the only person that feels that way. But you just again, like everything else start by working on it. And little by little maybe when you’re watching a little Netflix do a little bit of a


Doug Lotz  19:11

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Yeah, make it like enjoyable, I guess. Like, maybe like when you open your mind when you have a glass of wine, like just in order to finish the glass, you got to do five minutes. Plan solid plan. So all right, so we’ve kind of reached the subject of nutrition albeit very tangentially with wine. So you know, yeah, another part of your bio, obviously, you Darden nutritionist, right, so pandemic has been challenging on people’s diets. And, you know, interestingly, it’s like goes both ways. Like you know, in one way, I’ve been cooking a lot more like I just I don’t go out as much and like it’s been tricky, but like, I don’t know, how’s your How is your what’s what’s your meal plan, like on a day to day like what’s your how much effort Do you Put into that and like, are you practicing what you preach? And you know, how does all that go for you.


Brittany Noelle  20:04

So I’m blessed that I’m one of the people that is kind of fine with eating the same thing all the time. I am a foodie though, like I do love to try new foods, but consequently, I loved. This is why, if I’m going out, I love to go out to new restaurants and try foods. But if I’m cooking for myself, I only cook like 10 things. So this pandemic has been good for me in the sense of like, I can’t go to restaurants to be like, Oh, I want to go get my favorite burger today or like pasta. And there’s certain things I just don’t bother to make at home. Like I’m not going to make a fancy pasta dish at home, I make two types of pasta that are healthier at home. And same thing with like most fish dishes and stuff like I make salmon one of three ways chicken, I don’t make a ton of chicken at home. So that has been helpful for me because I kind of have my wheelhouse of items that I cook and I pick those items because I know they’re healthy and they’re quick and I’m very busy a lot, I do a lot of multitasking. I’m the queen of that. So the less time I have to worry about thinking of trying something new, the better, I will go ahead and take a day or two to experiment with something new. I love watching chocolate on the Food Network. So sometimes I will be like Alright, we’re gonna play chocolate in the kitchen today and try these things. And that does require planning and so sometimes I will do that. But my general day to day looks like I wake up every morning I have two to three hard boiled eggs and coffee. Then I have something called go juice which is in my cup now which is apple cider vinegar, hot water, tumeric, ginger and honey. I have that for autoimmune. So I do that. And then I will sometimes have second breakfast if I know I’m gonna have a busier day and second breakfast is usually oatmeal with some fruit in it. And then usually for lunch, I’ll either have leftovers or I’ll make a salad with please, if you know me, you know that like salads are not my jam at all. But there is one salad that I will make an eat and that’s just a rucola it’s dried cranberries, boop cheese crumble and balsamic vinegar glaze. It’s easy to make, I always hope I’m in the salad for the goat cheese. So that’s like my really good, quick and easy. I can eat it really quickly in between meetings, or I’ll make a smoothie that has protein in it and a green balanced mix and fruits and veggies because again, that’s easy. Like if I have a lot of conference calls or client calls or things like that, that’s afternoon and then dinner. I either every Tuesday have tacos, so that’s easy. I make turkey tacos every Tuesday.


Doug Lotz  22:26

That’s really funny. I do the same thing. Taco Tuesday Come on.


Brittany Noelle  22:32

Yeah, it’s tacos. They’re always on Tuesday. And then usually I’ll make something like always vegetable they like my most my vegetables roasted. So I’ll try different types of roasted vegetables depending on how I’m feeling. And then usually it’ll be famine or ground turkey very rarely where I make chicken unless someone in my family wants to have chicken.


Doug Lotz  22:50

It’s an aversion to chicken or like anything specific we need to be worried about.


Brittany Noelle  22:54

I think what what No, I think it was during my bodybuilding years I ate so much like chicken and tilapia that now I’m just like a like, there’s no way you can prepare this chicken that I’m just gonna be like, this is mouthwatering chicken. So I do ground turkey a lot more.


Doug Lotz  23:07

Yeah, chicken thighs are where it’s at, for me compared to like chicken breast because chicken breast is like two. So anybody out there listening is like, oh, like, you know, no, I never do chicken and you haven’t cooked the chicken thighs. Like it’s just yeah, it’s just life changing.


Brittany Noelle  23:20

Well usually buy like a chicken by I put it in a crock pot, and then I’ll like shred it up. So I’ll do like, instead of like a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, I’ll do like a pulled chicken sandwich. Or sometimes I’ll shred it up and put it in like a Mediterranean bowl or like I make a lot of bowls with chicken. That’s usually what I’ll do. So if it’s, I’m gonna eat chicken. I can’t just be like, chicken, vegetables and rice. It’s got to be like, Nah, this needs to be in a bowl with some sauce or something like that.


Doug Lotz  23:46

Yeah, make me hungry. And it’s like that awkward place between lunch and dinner.


Brittany Noelle  23:51

When I was actually just thinking about what am I going to have for lunch, which is probably going to be avocado toast. But yeah, so that’s where I say, you know, I kind of have like my staple that what I have to eat just because I know that those things are always in the house. They’re they’re quick, they’re easy options. But there are some times where I am inspired by something that I’ve seen on my pages or on Pinterest where I’m like, Oh, I haven’t seen this in a while I’ll try. So I think that when this is what I try to explain to my clients to is having breakfast like a steady breakfast routine is really helpful for just keeping me on track with the day. Like if I know you know, every morning I have those eggs or the oatmeal, it’s already ready to go I just hard boiled eggs like 12 of them at the beginning of the week. So that’s easy. And then the reason why I do this Alex to lunch is because again, I know how no matter how busy I get in the day, it takes me five minutes to put those ingredients in the bowl or to do this new theme. And so I find that if I’ve made those two choices the best then by the time it’s dinner, you can either just kind of roll with the punches and or if you do once things are opened back up and you can go get well you can get takeout now I guess you can decide to be like alright, I can have more that fun meal because I’ve already eaten high quality ingredients. The rest of That day,


Doug Lotz  25:00

it sounds like just listening to all these various things, Michael, this is a very organized and clean diet. So there’s a lot of like, you know, really good nutritional, you know, benefit coming from all those different things. But part of what I do too, like, I wouldn’t say just to make myself feel better, but definitely because I am trying to get insurance, but like, I will, like, I’ll take supplements to try to, like, make sure I’m checking everything off the list, you know, I don’t know what your thoughts are on that, or what you, you know, teach for people about, like, supplements


Brittany Noelle  25:29

love to talk about that. So I used to be very much like, Oh, you don’t need supplements, like just get it all from food, which is a great theory. But it’s really hard and practical application, especially if you are a busy person, like sometimes you just don’t have the time to sit there and like get all of the awesome ingredients to put into the salad or the smoothie. And that requires, you know, going to the grocery store getting the right stuff and things happen. And sometimes you do want to just be like, Oh, my, you know, I want to go get takeout. today. I have a hankering for that, or before when we could meet up with friends, your friends would be like, hey, happy hour, like, Yes, please. pod meats, you know, people who are quarantining with you. Right. So it’s just kind of like in a ideal world, when you can control everything and eat everything and have, you know, infinite time to go to the farmers market in the market to get all these high quality ingredients and know where everything is sourced from great, but 90% of us don’t have that luxury of knowing where everything is sourced from and having that much time. So in that case, supplements are really, really helpful. And I started comprehensively taking quite a few supplements about four or five months ago. And it’s helped a lot, because I was just being more in tuned with how my body was feeling and how systems were working. So does analyzing a bunch of different stuff in my systems. I won’t go too much into detail with that. But I even have like a little strip thing that like will like test what’s going on with my body every week.


Doug Lotz  26:48

Yeah, I was gonna say like, that’s probably where I would need to go with that. And I was wondering if you had any thoughts about that measurement aspect of it?


Brittany Noelle  26:55

Yeah, there’s a there’s an app called the vivo app. And with that, you basically up on it, and it gives you an analysis of like, Are you are you alkaline or whatever? Yeah, you that. Also, too, as I had mentioned, with women, it’s really cool. If you read a book called flow, living folding, it basically teaches you that like, there’s certain things that you should just watch out with in terms of like, your cycle to figure out what you should be eating and whatnot. And so I like a lot of the times, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t regular with bowel movements, you wouldn’t notice. So if you if you start to pay attention to what that is supposed to be like, then you’ll realize that you’re actually either dehydrated or nutrient deficient. So and having to take a certain amount of certain vitamins. Now I have a regimen that I take now I don’t have to worry about. It’s like my digestion is like on point I don’t have any digestive issues like stomach feels great, no bloating, I don’t like that. I take another set of vitamins that are just for like overall reproductive health. And then I take immune type of boosters, because I don’t want to get any sickness right now. So it’s really, really helpful. And I used to just be a person that did protein shakes all the time. But now like I said, adding like a greens balance is really, really easy, because it just helps me to get those extra nutrients from veggies. So I’m now a really big proponent of supplements that are of good quality. And again, using them as a in addition to and not a replacement for,


Doug Lotz  28:22

for sure. I mean, I literally like so I’m a bit of a digital nomad at the moment. And when I’m looking at where I’m either going to be staying or or looking for an apartment ultimately, like I’m like, how far am I from the whole food? So I’m definitely like, all about knowing like, what’s in your food and being confident about that and not, you know, but at the same time, I feel like even just through, you know, life, like I can’t really plan out like, exactly, you know how I’m gonna optimize my nutrition. So yeah, it’s interesting. I don’t know if the people listening are quite there yet with their nutrition planning, but if they are, that’s awesome. And so what was again was that you said vivo?


Brittany Noelle  28:59

Yeah. vivo app, it’s really cool. It walks you through step by step what to do and then it gives you like an analysis on your phone and it will like give you suggestions for nutrition to it’ll say, you know, try eating some avocados this week or next to your diet. So I like that too. Because it is very specific. It’s not just generic advice. It’s actually analyzing your own body and telling you like this is what’s going on and it will tell you like your liver health your if there’s any white blood cells so that it will tell you if you’re trying to fight off an infection or something like that. So it’s really useful information.


Doug Lotz  29:30

Yeah, no, this is just like so much you could just google the you know heck out of this and there’s like all sorts of people will tell you what to eat this not that but you’re like ingesting these supplements but knowing what’s right for your body is kind of the you were on a show called ultimate tag which I had I’m not a TV guy like I’m you know, very much like sort of digital native like I’m doing everything on YouTube or whatever so like, but I checked it out and it looks downright zany. This is a it’s a show on Fox. I will We’ll say before the show, I youtubed it and like was watching the episode that you were in. And I don’t know what the hell happened with the guy who was streaming I don’t I’m not gonna say if the stream is legal or whatever, I don’t know it was on YouTube, I was watching it. And then like your bit cut out. So like, I don’t actually know if you got tagged or not and like how that went. So tell me about your experience real quick, like


Brittany Noelle  30:19

so my episode was actually really controversial because a lot of people felt like I got cheated. I was like one of the only contestants that tied after the second game and I ended up getting taken out which I was mad because I was in second and then got like, cheated, and I’m over. And that happened too. So people were like, Oh, you got robbed. I also end up getting into like an actual fight with Banshee, which was fun, but they edit out like a lot of the scene by the way people Banshee is like a person who like literally runs around and like screams she’s a lovely girl in real life. But just in TV on character. I was like, you’re just on one right now. I need you to come all the way down. But a lot of it was that like our altercation was I was thinking that she was the girl I was competing against and not the tagger. So I kept like running into her by accident. And then she was just being like, coming after me constantly. And I was literally like your no consequence, like Please get out of my face. So we ended up in like one point I literally it was like a football match at one point like where we were just like straight on each other and trying to like move, but they edited out a lot of the scene. And so then we ended up getting in like a verbal fight for like five minutes on set, which was It was great. It was a really funny thing. And like the walk brothers are just looking at us like, Oh, we don’t know what to do. So I really wish that like I had like the behind the scenes video footage of that before it got added out because it was great. But yeah, it was definitely a fun game. With that whole thing. With it being wonky. Let me tell you how I got hoodwinked into this. So I didn’t know that it was going to be a crazy walkie show. It’s kind of like American gladiators meets. I don’t know tag. I was thinking more Titan games when I heard about it like yes, give me really, I’m going to need to use my strength. While they asked me when they asked me where are you fast? And do do you work out? Are you strong? Again, I used to be a track and field athlete and they said have you played tag? And I said of course I play tag everyone in their life play tag?


Doug Lotz  32:07

I guess Yes. Yes. I always eat.


Brittany Noelle  32:11

Correct. So it was like we got cast it for this show everyone you know, I will state and then all of a sudden, a week before filming, we get asked to show up to a parkour gym. And they’re like, Okay, you guys are having legit of like a four hour hardcore lesson like a crash lesson in how to crash, how to fall off of things, how to flip over things. And it was literally like they threw us into it. So none of us were parkour athletes. I think there were like two or three on the show. So we didn’t know that that was going to be a big part of the show. And we also didn’t know that the Tigers were professional tigers, we just thought we were playing against each other. So we were all very much blindsided when we got there saw the obstacles we were all like, being fast isn’t going to help us at all here because you can’t tell on TV but the obstacles are like 15 yards apart from each other. So using speed isn’t going to help you like you have to be able to get over things. We signed about a billion different types of paperwork. They’re basically like if you die you die, like legitimately so I’m being the injury person that I am I’m like I don’t want to like hurt myself on this TV show mind you. And mind you we lost like a lot of people like we lost a lot of people on set to broken broken legs, broken limbs, tears, all of that so but yeah, it was definitely a fun experience. But also people that know me know that I’m not super adventurous or reckless so just me it was like just sheer panic most of the time during practice and rehearsal like if you see that if you watch it there’s a game called dome tag which I didn’t end up playing on my actual episode but we had to practice in it and I was just freaking out cuz I don’t like drops we were suspended 15 feet above the above the air and with no harness or anything. So they were just like, okay, so you know we’re gonna learn to freefall today just


Doug Lotz  33:54

follow up and you should be fine. Should be with me assuming there’s just like a like a cushion or like a like an airbag?


Brittany Noelle  34:02

Yeah, there’s an air mattress correct. And even that airbag is still another like 10 feet off the ground. So it was like bollock hit the airbag roll off, stop before you hit the edge rolls, you’re gonna roll from the airbag onto the ground and like, hurt yourself.


Doug Lotz  34:17

Be a fitness professional. They said, it’ll be fun. You can do things like this.


Brittany Noelle  34:25

Correct. They’re just like, do it and literally, they were so cavalier about it. Like everyone has to go up in it and jump out like we had the jump out twice as like a test. And literally the only instruction we had was just bolus and you should be fine. Like tuck tuck up your body. Half of them were actual professional parkour athletes. So they have had like metals and stuff like the flow is like an amazing parkour athlete. And so that was them. Then the other half were just kind of personalities. They weren’t really parkour athletes.


Doug Lotz  34:54

And let me ask was Banshee a personality or


Brittany Noelle  34:58

he was a personality and She was supposedly attract start someplace So that was another one of our little things Brooke ends is a bodybuilder she was one of them she’s the boss which is great. And then there’s like a few like Instagram like pretty boys that are just look good shirtless. So they put them on the show too. So I think when we all got casted we thought we were going to be like the cool tigers and costume and like we really just beat Wow,


Doug Lotz  35:22

that’s, that’s I feel like that’s how TV works. Like that’s how like all you know, it’s just I’ve, I mean, I’ve heard limited stories for like, from what I’ve heard, it’s just like it’s


Brittany Noelle  35:32

it was like being in the Hunger Games. Like I literally get anxiety still from like them like Tigers again, in 321 loop like, I hear that voice and I really feel like and then I think they did tell us that we might have to go back onto the show. So it’s legitimately The Hunger Games like throw you in here and your goal is just to dive


Doug Lotz  35:50

Alright, well Cool. Thanks for sharing that that’s so we are I think just about out of time where I mean where can people find more information about you You know, if they want to connect with you learn more about you know what, you know, your your training offerings like are you what’s the best place to reach out?


Brittany Noelle  36:07

Yeah, so you can find me on my website which is You can also find me on all the social medias at b_noellefitness. So that’s Instagram, Twitter. You can also find it on Facebook. If you’re on tik tok though, it’s the fit queen. I was like, Oh, it’s so much easier to pronounce. Why did I think of this when I first started my Instagram so yes, cool.


Doug Lotz  36:28

Well, thank you so much for for chatting with me today. super interesting here. Also, thank everybody for tuning in. Hey, everyone, if you like the CardioCast Cooldown, please don’t forget to leave us a review wherever you’re listening. You can also connect with us on Instagram at cardio cast app, and check out our website, and check out our app on the App Store or Play Store. See you next week.