Stay Motivated Through Challenging Times

Aug 31, 2020 |

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Here we are, nearing the end of Summer 2020, and still finding creative ways to staying well, healthy, and sane in these challenging times. With ongoing restricted access to gyms, beaches, and parks, and changes to annual training events and athletic competitions, it really does take a minute to figure out how to stay on top of your fitness game!

We’re here to help you stay positive, focused, and solution-oriented even as the future remains uncertain. So with that in mind, here are a few tips to stay motivated as we transition into Fall:

1. Take a Walk on the CardioCast Side

a young woman running in a street on her morning or evening run . She is backlit by a rising low sun , and is pictured staring ahead with determination , before heading off on her morning jog.She is wearing a vest top , trainers and leggings , and earphones. The sun is rising at dawn behind her or setting at sunset . Lens flare streaks across the frame .

Our audio-guided Walk & Jog classes are designed for anyone and everyone. They focus on gentle walking and jogging movements that are beneficial and enjoyable whether you are new to this form of cardio, want to switch it up from your regular routine of cycling classes, or are looking for a recovery workout from a vigorous schedule of Outdoor Interval Runs.

The reason walking and jogging are so appealing is simple: they are total-body movements as natural as breathing! You’ve been moving on your own two feet since you were a kid, and your body knows how to do it well, plus it’s low-impact and easier on your joints compared to other workouts. Add with our expert coaches and fun playlists in your ear, we guarantee sweat, smiles, and a boost to your mood.

2. Challenge Yo-Self! 

CardioCast run coach Alex Prostano was supposed to compete in a Half Ironman this spring that was canceled. To “channel some of the energy” he had put into the training, Alex opted to create his own challenge and raise money for the charity No Kid Hungry. On May 8th, he ran one mile every hour for 24 hours and shared it all on Instagram to rad effect! His social community loved it, contributed to the cause, and helped Alex rally towards his goals.

Check out Coach Alex’s takeaways (in his own words) and follow him on Instagram. He was scheduled to run the 2020 Chicago Marathon in October, but with that also canceled, we’re expecting he’ll create another challenge you’ll want to join.

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3. Less Screen Time, More Me Time

The amount of time spent on our phones and computers has gone way up, and while the benefits of social connection via Zoom and apps can be positive, the negative effects can range from sleepless nights to reduced concentration. The BBC recently had this to say:

In pre-coronavirus times (remember those?), you might meet a friend after work or go for dinner – stuff that doesn’t really require a screen. But that’s obviously not possible anymore. Instead, we might be moving from our laptop straight to the PlayStation or Netflix once work is finished. Dr. Kang says it’s important to have post-work activities that don’t include a screen, “We should make a conscious decision to do something else after work – like cooking dinner or going for a run.” 

“Mental Health Awareness: Keeping your screen time healthy”
By Manish Pandey Newsbeat, BBC News 5/20/20 

So while it can be hard to pull yourself away from your phone or laptop, it is well worth the effort. Once you let the screen behind, you’ll feel the space to breathe and your senses come alive. Our audio-guided workouts are the best way to sweat it out while giving your eyes a rest!

So, what are you doing to stay motivated as we transition from summer to fall? Comment below or share your ideas with us on social @cardiocastapp!

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