Member Spotlight: Lauren

Aug 20, 2020 |

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Meet Lauren Nepomuceno and her pup, Joni, who head out for outdoor runs with Selena and Walk & Jog classes with Shaun. “I’m starting to run again which my dog Joni absolutely loves.” #quaranteam⁠

Lauren joined CardioCast way back in April 2018. “I was incredibly broke working at a terrible job with no work-life balance. I loved spin classes and I couldn’t make it to my gym’s classes and couldn’t afford the expensive boutique classes. I found a $75 spin bike on Letgo and with this app, I was able to attend spin classes at home at a time that worked with my schedule.”

“Now I have a way better job/schedule and could probably afford bougie classes but for me, I will never go back. This app is so incredibly accessible, the music is bomb, and I mean it when I say this app was a game-changer. Working out was the first step to start loving myself again and CardioCast played a huge part in that chapter of my life.”⁠

We are so honored to spotlight Lauren and have her in our CardioCast community.

Join us – let’s celebrate loving ourselves and our victories, big and small. Tag us in your sweaty selfies and hashtag #CardioCrew for an opportunity to be featured in a future Member Spotlight.⁠

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