Member Spotlight: Jolene

Nov 22, 2020 |
Member Spotlight

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Meet Jolene, an early-riser home rider and mom of three, pictured here with a post-class celebrating her 400th ride with CardioCast. Jolene joined CardioCast to get into a fitness routine that was both motivating and fun as well as cost- and time-effective.

“In 2018 I was actively looking for an exercise routine that I, as a mom of 3 at the time, could sustain. I ended up being offered a series of spin classes at a local spin club.
I loved the classes, but it was completely impractical for me to work around child care and make the drive (about 20-25 minutes each way) for select class times, multiple times a week.

“I decided to purchase my own bike, and after a lot of research, opted to try CardioCast as my guide. The rest is history. I’ve been doing classes consistently, two-to-four times a week ever since! Shanda and Rachel are my favorite instructors  to ride with, and I choose based on how I am feeling that day.”

CardioCast has helped me reach and sustain fitness levels that I have never reached before, and I enjoy the classes so much!”


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