Member Spotlight: Yvette

Oct 24, 2020 |

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Meet Yvette, who joined CardioCast after emergency surgery in 2019, and found CardioCast to be her lifeline to get back into a workout routine.

“Even though I have been with CardioCast since 2019, it was only this year that I learned its true value. With so many changes happening CardioCast has been my one constant. I never have a chance to get bored with so many workouts and classes. I usually spin, however, I can choose to walk, jog, or do a boot camp from 20-minutes to 60-minutes. The music is very motivating, as well as the coaches.  Kevin and Shaun are favorites right now, however, I am always in the mood for Jonathan, Noël, Rachel, or Jess. All are different and encouraging.”

“The best part is the support of the online community and the encouragement from instructors, though. This has all helped me stay consistent and keeps me working out steadily during 2020’s ups and downs. I work out more now than I did at the gym and I am finally seeing results. Thanks so much, CardioCast and #cardiocrew!”

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