Member Spotlight: Holly Anangos

Oct 16, 2020 |

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Meet Holly, pictured here with her post-workout glisten after taking a Beats Ride with Jonathan. Holly joined CardioCast in August 2019 as a new mom looking to get back into a fitness routine two months postpartum.

“I found CardioCast right after I had my baby. I have a bike at home, but needed the motivation and energy of my favorite spin classes. CardioCast is just that — a spin studio at home! I typically ride during nap time. More recently, during lockdown, my husband jumped on the bandwagon and we’ve done the Bodyweight Boot Camp classes together! They are tough! I can’t imagine being a stay-at-home mom without CardioCast — it’s my outlet, my sanity, my ‘me time.’”

When asked what classes are her go-to’s, she says, “Jonathan’s 45-minute Beats Rides are my favorite. His music is always great! He is motivational too. I can’t decide if he’s my life coach who teaches spin or my spin coach who teaches me about life! Seriously.”

In addition to CardioCast classes, Holly incorporates the Keto diet into her wellness routine. “I went keto in May and together with spin I am down 20 pound with 10 to go! Thank you for providing this platform!”

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