Member Spotlight: Dara

Oct 9, 2020 |

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Meet Dara, pictured her with her post-workout glow after an Outdoor Interval Run with Coach Bethany. Dara discovered her love of running during the pandemic thanks to CardioCast.

“CardioCast and Bethany single-handedly turned me into a runner. I have always been one of those people dreaded running and was suspicious of those who genuinely enjoyed it but now I actually get excited to go for runs and I never want the playlist to end.

I started CardioCast this summer when I moved out of NYC and had to find new ways to stay fit since studios and gyms were closed. I find that the interval training runs are perfect for people who are used to sports or bootcamp training and want to go for speed over distance.

Most importantly, Bethany throws down absolute bangers~ (I cannot stress this enough) Her music is amazing. She does an incredible job of cueing her intervals perfectly with the beat of the music and without realizing it, I am beating my personal record over and over. Not to mention, she has the coaching voice of a literal angel.

I look forward to starting or ending my day listening to Bethany tell me to pump my arms and keep my little legs going. You know you’re getting better at running when you don’t look like someone needs to take you to the ER after a couple of miles. Thank you CardioCast and Bethany for changing my perspective on running!!”

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