Member Spotlight: LaDonn

Sep 25, 2020 |

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Shoutout to LaDonn who regularly rides with us and brings her bright smile to our community! LaDonn joined the #CardioCrew in February her husband bought her an Echelon bike for her birthday.

“I was looking for an affordable app with a variety of ride times and fun instructors, and did the [CardioCast] free trial and I was hooked! Some people may like classes that have videos, but I like being able to listen to the instructors, with their awesome music choices, and zone out. I’m always sweaty and smiling by the end.”

LaDonn is making great use of her birthday bike by riding with all our CardioCast cycling coaches. “ It’s hard to choose a favorite instructor and I try to rotate through everyone. They all have their strengths, and overall I love how positive and fun they are, it’s like having them in the room with you. That being said I gravitate towards Classic Rides with Kevin Mondrick and Beats Rides with Darbi Worley.”

Like many of us, LaDonn is embracing this year to reset. “I’ve taken this year to really reset my life priorities regarding my physical and mental health. I’ve always loved spinning and having this app along with changing up my diet (more fruits, veggies, and lean meats), I’ve been able to lose weight and feel great doing it. The CardioCast instructors are always positive and encouraging and I look forward to my weekly rides with them.”

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