Member Spotlight: Madeline

Sep 12, 2020 |

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Sending out good vibes to our teachers back in the classroom (both virtually and in-person), including our #CardioCrew rockstar Madeline Mercado. Madeline is a full-time Special Education teacher in upstate NY who recently raced a half marathon and credits her PR to CardioCast.

“I started working out with CardioCast for the cycling classes since the gyms closed because I needed the audio guidance to have effective workouts on the bike. Then I started using the Outdoor  Interval Runs because, as a runner, speed work was challenging for me to do on my own.”

As an athlete who competitively ran cross country and track at Merrimack College, Madeline is no stranger to speed work and the importance of form and breathing during a tough workout. “I have always struggled with my breath. [In college practices,] the workouts were VERY tough and I never enjoyed them. Since I started [working out with] CardioCast, I have been able to have a better relationship with my breath and have been able to really enjoy interval running. Not to mention, I enjoy the music that comes along with it!”

Madeline gets a regular dose of CardioCast workouts – sometimes making it a triple day – and spreads the love across coaches and class varieties. “It’s so difficult to say my favorite instructors, I love them all. ❤️ Kevin will always have a place in my heart because he was my first workout, but I do enjoy runs with Cedric and Bethany. Rides with Darbi, Shanda, and Shaun are also great!”

Just like all of us, Madeline is navigating the changing challenges day-to-day.“Working out is a big part of a stress reliever for me! With the stress of teaching online, the cancellations of marathons (I trained for), and the closing of my gym. Thank you, CardioCast – it isn’t just a workout, it’s for my sanity!”

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