Member Spotlight: Kate

Sep 4, 2020 |

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Shoutout to cycling enthusiast, mom, and lifelong athlete Kate Fillion Gebbie. She joined the #CardioCrew in January 2019 to ride anytime, anywhere. “I had previously taken spin classes religiously in the gym but after having kids, hitting up a 5 AM class was not sustainable for me. I love the flexibility of working around my schedule and my kids’ schedule, and I have been so much more consistent with my workouts!”

As a cycling enthusiast and lifelong athlete, Kate has taken classes with all of our cycling coaches (and enjoys them all!) but finds herself drawn to riding with Noël and Kevin. “They both use that tough love approach that I responded so well to as an athlete growing up, and playing basketball and rugby in college. Now I play in a co-ed flag football league and CardioCast helps me keep my competitive edge.”

Beyond our cycling workouts, Kate is a big fan of ourWalk & Jog classes. “Years ago, I also used to run a lot more and ended up with a hip injury which has prevented me from running distance for some time. As someone who is used to sprinting in [various] sports, I really need the cues to take things slow in order to properly build myself up. Shaun has great programming and Amanda is just the most enthusiastic! I’m hoping to build these and running intervals into my repertoire more often as I get better and the weather cools down!”

Speaking of weather, we are nearing the unofficial end to the summer. How are you celebrating the holiday weekend? And who is ready for cooler weather this fall?

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